Veterinary Clinic Staff


The opportunity to be able to work with and learn from Dr. Bridge all these years has been amazing. I consider our patients and their owners family, and am very passionate about my work. i am the mother of 2 boy's, one daughter, a German Shepherd and an Occi Cat ( who also thinks he is a German Shepherd.) Due to extreme allergies and intestinal issues in both animals, I prepare special home cooked meals for them. When not cooking dog food, I make soap and pet shampoos. 


Ana found her new passion when she started working with DCAC. She loves to work with people, and now working with animals makes it even better. She rescued two puppies from the San Clemente Animal Shelter. Their names are Pietro and Shadow who are little terrier mixes. In her spare time she takes care if her lovely dogs, 2 boys and husband, in that order.


Katie loves working at DCAC. She loves working with all the animals and learning new things. She loves spending time with her own three pugs. in her spare time she likes spending time with her pugs, friends, family and traveling the world.. 


Carolyn is passionate about the veterinary field because she loves interacting with animals large and small. At home her own lab mix Crystal keeps her busy with demands for long walks and playtime. in her spare time she likes to hike, backpack and visit zoos with their amazing animals.


Ric enjoy's being around all the Docters and Leslie's pugs and the many that come in as patience. He is an avid guitar player and enjoys bike rides.


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Hours of Operation

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